Stand Out with these 10 Glam Cocktail Rings

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Summer has come and gone and with the focus off our bare legs, pedis and tanned arms, what’s a fashionista to do?  Why, glam up our fingers with cocktail rings, of course!  We love the bold statement a cocktail ring makes, drawing attention to our manis as well as our vibrant personality.

They complement outfits and are an easy way to look glam without breaking out the entire jewelry box or breaking the bank.  (Oh, you laugh . . . but I can spend insane amounts of time fussing with accessories to create a “perfect” style.  But with the right cocktail ring, I have all I need to make my look pop.  Problem solved).

A great-looking accessory (we’re fans of statement necklaces too) is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.  So whether you’re heading out with girlfriends for a night on the town or meeting that special someone for dinner, glam cocktail rings will add oomph to your look.

10 Glam Cocktail Rings to Wear Now

What rings will you be wearing?

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