Five Wacky Gift Ideas for Under $25

Who doesn’t love a good gag gift? Or getting something crazy you secretly always lusted after, but couldn’t get yourself to buy? If you’ve got a friend with a good sense of humor or a creative sense of style, try going for one of these gifts that we found. All for under $25!

Wacky Belt:
A wacky belt is a perfect way to spice up a lackluster outfit. We love this one because it’s silly, but not TOO out there.

Shigi Short Bootie:
Remember when Uggs were “in,” and there was a great divide between those who loved them for being so comfy, and those who hated them for being an eye-sore? Well, think of these as the new and improved Ugg. Perfect for a friend who gets cold easily!

Blingy Iphone Case: Old Navy Multicolor Beaded Smartphone Cases
Skip the boring iphone/blackberry/insert-smart-phone-of-choice cases, and try going for something really out there! Who doesn’t love to show a little bling when it comes to their accessories?

Busted Tees Shirt:

Oh yeah, baby! Jesse and the Rippers, Initech, and More Cowbell? We can’t get enough of these witty, cultural allusion tee’s!

Holiday Daydream Palette:

Stila - Holiday Daydream Palette (Multi) - Beauty
Remember the good ole days when you used to raid your mom’s makeup drawer and put together a crazy concoction of colors on your face? That’s right bright orange lipstick paired with green eyeshadow and pink blush. Okay, so maybe those colors don’t mesh well together, but it’s fun to have a makeup kit that features a bunch of crazy colors to try.

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