Gift Ideas to Stockpile

gift ideas to stockpile

Most Moms know about the toy stockpile — the small children’s gifts you stock up on when on sale, to save for the day when the little ones get invited to last-minute parties. Stockpile gift ideas are the inexpensive classics that are always a hit, and they salvage your time and sanity by having them ready and waiting in a cabinet at home.

This gift guide operates on the same plan:

  1. You pick up a few “for everyone” type of gifts that to keep on hand for the holidays, which means:
  2. You are prepared to gift a thoughtful item to anyone without a frantic, unexpected mall trip.

The holidays are a time where we like to thank those around us for all they’ve done for us over the last 12 months, but even the most organized shopper can forget to add a few names to the list during one of the busiest times of year. Maybe there’s a girlfriend you forgot you’d be swapping gifts with, a coworker who pulls through on a big project, a teacher who goes the extra mile for your kids, or a neighbor who hosts a great night for your family.

Our comprehensive stockpile holds evergreen gift ideas that you can pick up anytime of year, and hold onto as needed. Cult classics to fan favorites, these are the presents you’re proud to present, even if someone did slip your mind.

4 Gift Ideas to Stockpile

1. Designer Candle

Everyone loves a luxury candle. Seriously, even those of us who already have a cluster of 10. They look as good as they smell, they double as knickknack on your coffee table, desk or mantel, and they’re basically a collectible. The more the merrier, truly.

Diptyque reigns supreme in the fashion world, but if you’re already in an Anthropology or the like, a Voluspa works, too.

2. Leather Gloves

Buy a pair or two of leather gloves at the end of the season and stow them away for next winter. You can snag amazing deals on glamorous leather and fur-trimmed pairs when you’re out and about shopping for yourself.

3. Indulgent Skincare Set

As one of the most beloved beauty brands around (for both men and women!), Kiehl’s has surprisingly affordable products. Score a great holiday-themed gift set that focuses on everyone’s winter concerns, hydration, for a modest $30.

4. Bottle of Bubbly

This glitzy gift is obviously dressed to impress, but offers something a little bit more. Each bottle provides 15 meals to a child in need. Give beyond the ordinary with a decadent gift that gives back.

Are you adding any of these gift ideas to your stockpile? Let us know!


Melissa is creative communications professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.