Gift Card Rescue: Site Review

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The Lowdown: In this day and age, every dollar counts—and when one is short on cash, it’s pretty much time to consider all the options. While we love nothing more than receiving a gift card to our favorite store (free shopping? um, yeah!) sometimes it comes down to a new pair of shoes or, well, eating. And then there are those times where someone well-intentioned buys you a gift card to a store or restaurant you have no intention of ever setting foot in, for whatever reason. Either way, offers itself up as an easy way to turn those gift cards into cash—yep, we’re listening.

Our Review: The premise behind the site is pretty simple: list your card for sale to GiftCardRescue—they typically pay between 60% and 80% of the cards value (for more details, check out this convenient price list ) or, if you like, exchange the card for a different one you’ll actually use. If you’re looking to buy rather than sell, set up an account and pick up gift cards to your fave places at a discount.

Simple enough, and 60-80% is reasonable enough when you’re strapped for cash, we suppose—better than a card that’s going to sit in your wallet or buy you something you don’t really need. But for the buyers, are the cards a good deal? Perusing the selection quickly, we found a $100 Aeropostale card for $87, a $200 Body Shop card for $174, and a $100 JCPenney’s card for $88 (along with about a bazillion Godiva Chocolates cards at 35% off of each). The discounts look to typically range from 10-15%, and the selection of cards is not huge, but if you’re going to be shopping at a particular retailer anyway and you can pick up a card at a discount, it’s like creating your own sale. Nice.

The Verdict: Yea. Great idea, easy to navigate website, and a buy, sell or exchange process that couldn’t be easier, assuming you have a PayPal account (which, of course, is also easy and free if you don’t already have one).

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  • MarylandMom

    I see people complaining of 2 opposite problems, so I don’t think the company can really be as terrible as it sounds.  Some seem ticked GCR asks for proof of purchase, drivers license, etc. and others complain that they got invalid cards.  Doesn’t checking for proof of purchase, etc. show that the company is trying to verify that cards aren’t bad before they sell them to someone else?   How else can they check? The average mailing times I have no clue about but I wouldn’t buy most things through the mail if I had an urgent time table… 44cents for an envelope, I don’t know that is a huge deal.  A lot of companies charge for return shipping.  I haven’t tried calling the customer service so no comment there. 

  • mnet

    Wow, looks like a party for disgruntled giftcardrescue customers. My experience has been different. I have been buying gift cards from them for 3 years now and compared to Plastic Jungle and Cardpool, giftcardrescue are the only ones that have a phone number to call and actually pick up the phone. Sorry you experience has been different but I have been a happy customer and would buy from them again. 

  • Atlsaver

    yes they are scammers and claimed they never got the cards i sent grrr.

  • Kenbtwireless

    Wow, I have the same problem too. They advertised free shipping too and it never happended neither. GiftCardRescue = GiftCardTHIEF, this place is a SCAM. I sent the card and they also asked me to sign and fax. After I signed and faxed, then they ask for my driver license. I said I don’t feel comfortable faxing my driver license so just send back my card, then Barrie Cason that works at this place said that I need to send them a self address and stamped envelope so they can send back my card to me. Today I got an email from GiftCardRescue = GiftCardTHIEF saying that if I don’t send them a returned self address and stamped evenlope, my Gift Card will be donate to them on my behalf. What kind of BS is this?

  • Gogreenspartans

    This company is a joke.  I wanted to sell to them a $500 gift card that I had no use for.  They were going to pay me $325 for it.  I sent it in and they received it on a Monday (per USPS delivery confirmation).  Their website claims they mail out payment within 48 hours of receipt of gift card.  Wednesdays rolls around and they email asking for me to sign some forms to confirm I obtained this gift card legally, they wanted a copy of my driver’s license, plus they wanted me to submit to them a copy of the receipt showing proof of purchase for the gift card.  How can I do that considering this was a gift?  I provided everything else except the receipt (since I don’t have one, which I explained to them).  I don’t hear from them for days even after sending several emails asking for the status of my order.  The next Monday rolls around and after still not hearing anything I call their customer service, were I’m told they cannot buy my gift card since I cannot provide them documentation supporting the proof of purchase.  If I would have known that was required, I wouldn’t have bothered sending it in to begin with!  Then the kicker is that they want me to send them a self-addressed, postage paid return envelope to get my $500 gift card back!  This has been a complete waste of my time and money, considering I had to pay to ship my gift card there in the first place, now I have to pay to get it back.  Beware of this company, they are a complete scam!  No where on their website does it state they may require documentation supporting proof of purchase.  It’s absurd to require this, these are GIFT cards after all.

  • Perry

    These people are ripoff artists!! I sent $120 of Barnes and Noble gift cards to them. The ‘tracking’ on their website says it was never received!! I highly doubt a postal service employee STOLE my cards. I say if you don’t buy tracking these people will exploit you.

  • scott williams

    bought the gift card mid 3/12 a $150 gift card for the cheescakefactory for $132 i went to use it at the begining of June and was told at the resturant that the card was not good,i then paid with my credit card and called the cheesecake factory the next day and they told me the car was involved in some type of credit card fraud and was made invalid, i then called gift card they did not want to give me my money back said it was over 60 days and that’s there return policy..but it states on there website that there is no exp. date on the cards so the card should be good..i told her i am not returning the card because i dont want it but because it is invalid ,no good ! she finally told me she would e-mail me a return packet , after they got the card from me and saw i was right they said they would issue a refund, a few days after that they said they would credit my card back half $66…i asked to speak to a manager she would not let me finally she said one would call me back, when he did he said there is always a risk involved when buying a gift card ..RISK ?? your site does not say there is any risk , he said he would get back to me and never did..this company stole my money and sell fake gift cards.

  • Cecil

    Sent gift card to them in April. Still have not received payment when contacted them received reply that when they received it I would be notified by email and was told case had been resolved. Nothing was resolved. They got the gift card blamed the P O with the foul up. Biggest scam in the country. Reporting to BBB. DO NOT SEND A CARD TO THEM. WILL NOT GET ANYTHING BACK. SCAM , SCAM, SCAM.

  • Morris

    I have sent my gift card to giftcardresuce before i found that that they are not reliable. I sent the card to them and they confirm receiving it by 18th of June till now they gave me stupid reason everyday since last week don’t know what to do the gift card is worth 700 dollars

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  • Carol Berns

    Someone captured my card number and made an attempt to purchase almost $600 through GCR. Luck was with me as the card company did not process this charge and notified me that it had been made. DO NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE!

    • TBF

      Oh no Carol! Sorry that happened to you

  • sam

    I’m very unhappy with gift card rescue as well. I placed an order and 4 days later received a notice that it had shipped. The USPS website showed that the package had “Electronic Shipping Info Received” but hadn’t moved. I called 5 days after they claimed the order had shipped and USPS had not updated their website yet. Then that evening the package mysteriously moved and was updated with “Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility”, so it finally shipped. USPS was fast, I received it the next day. I won’t order from them again.

  • Allan

    I just had a problem with Gift Card Rescue where I purchased a $150 card for $127.50 at the end of January. I had not had the opportunity to use it until November and I was told the card was deactivated. When I called the card company they said it was purchased 1/8/11 and deactivated 2/19/11. When I called Gift Card Rescue they said it was outside the 60 day guarantee and they would do nothing about it. The manager flat out told me he didn’t care about the customer, just company policy that after 60 days they would not investigate. I have filed a complaint with BBB.

  • absolute worst service…i have suffered a 400 dollar loss.. bunch of dishonest, horrible customer service, scam artist!!! i mailed in first class and with tracking… after 2 weeks of excuses they said they finally got it and THENNN they ask for a proof of purchase which i send in 3 times and they kept telling me i showed a lack of purchase confirmation .. do not believe a word.. this is my first time reviewing on any site because its the first time ive been scammed 400 dollars. now there telling me to send a blank envelope to them with a return adress so i can get my cards back…really?? now on thanksgiving i have no cash and am expecting my entire family…ur better off selling localy on craigslist (beware of scams) ..its disgusting how these people can actually sleep at nite.. i hope one of them reads this right before you sit at your table and eat turkey with your family and have something to be thankful for while i probaly have to cancel my plans and have you Gift Card RESCUE to thank on THANKSGIVING!

  • Ana

    They are VEEERRRYYYY SSSSLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW to mail. I have purchased more than a few cards and they take so long to get here. GCR does not have proper procedures to see that you receive your cards either as they have constant post office problems (they blame the PO) instead of fixing the unreliable method they use to mail. Any internet seller can use 1st class mail with scan sheets or to see that your packages are not left sitting at the post office as they claim for weeks at a time. Totally unacceptable!
    Got to ABC gift cards, Plastic Jungle or Card Cash and have a GREAT experience.
    Save yourself the headache and being out $ and don’t even bother with Gift Card Rescue ever. You will thank me!

  • new outpost

    the site sells large quantity of fraudulent gift cards.