Gift Card Rescue: Site Review

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The Lowdown: In this day and age, every dollar counts—and when one is short on cash, it’s pretty much time to consider all the options. While we love nothing more than receiving a gift card to our favorite store (free shopping? um, yeah!) sometimes it comes down to a new pair of shoes or, well, eating. And then there are those times where someone well-intentioned buys you a gift card to a store or restaurant you have no intention of ever setting foot in, for whatever reason. Either way, offers itself up as an easy way to turn those gift cards into cash—yep, we’re listening.

Our Review: The premise behind the site is pretty simple: list your card for sale to GiftCardRescue—they typically pay between 60% and 80% of the cards value (for more details, check out this convenient price list ) or, if you like, exchange the card for a different one you’ll actually use. If you’re looking to buy rather than sell, set up an account and pick up gift cards to your fave places at a discount.

Simple enough, and 60-80% is reasonable enough when you’re strapped for cash, we suppose—better than a card that’s going to sit in your wallet or buy you something you don’t really need. But for the buyers, are the cards a good deal? Perusing the selection quickly, we found a $100 Aeropostale card for $87, a $200 Body Shop card for $174, and a $100 JCPenney’s card for $88 (along with about a bazillion Godiva Chocolates cards at 35% off of each). The discounts look to typically range from 10-15%, and the selection of cards is not huge, but if you’re going to be shopping at a particular retailer anyway and you can pick up a card at a discount, it’s like creating your own sale. Nice.

The Verdict: Yea. Great idea, easy to navigate website, and a buy, sell or exchange process that couldn’t be easier, assuming you have a PayPal account (which, of course, is also easy and free if you don’t already have one).

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