Announces the Addition of Tall and Petite Sizes

Budget Fashionista content uses affiliate links. We may earn a buck if you click and buy. recently announced the addition of Tall and Petite sizes to its online store. These garments, available only on the web, are designed to maintain their true silhouettes, while being scaled for the taller or shorter fashionista. Although the collection focuses on top sellers like the original long and lean jeans shown above ($58.00), it sure beats having to shop at corny sounding stores like Tall Girl (who came up with that one?) and Petite Sophisticate.


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    I love these jeans – I have 2 pairs in the tall size and they’re great!

    For more tall recommendations, check

  • Amanda


    Oh thank goodness!  As a “Tall Girl”, I have always despised shopping for pants or anything with long sleeves.  About two years ago I discovered J Crew’s tall line of women’s clothing online.  This was great, but as a stay at home mom, I had to wait for the clothes to hit their clearance pages before buying their jeans or outerwear.  I started a saved eBay search for “j crew tall”, and got some jeans that way (for like $14 by the way).  But… I am so glad that Gap has signed on to do this now too.  They are much cheaper than J Crew with regular prices, and they have a great selection.

  • Kimiko


    At first, I thought how is this news?  I’ve purchased petite jeans at Gap stores.  Then, when I looked at their website, I realized they had redesigned much more of their clothing line—not just jeans!