Fun Workout Tops for Exercise-Lovin’ Fashionistas

Still wearing plain, black tops or ones with that famous swoosh during workouts?  Break out of the workout fashion rut with tops that make a statement!  We can have fun while working up a sweat, right?

When I am at the gym, I often feel like ladies are in cookie-cutter mode:  ponytails swaying, intense “I’m exercising” expressions and of course, the majority of women getting their crunches on in a blah top.  I know, I know.  It’s the gym, so who cares whether or not our workout tops are cute or not?  I do and you should too.

The Case for Fun Gym Workout Tops

Colorful and fun gym workout tops can boost our moods, giving exercise-lovin’ fashionistas more energy.  But mostly, vibrant shades and bold sayings just add to our enjoyment of staying fit.  If you’re like me, a ho-hum gray top does not convey the excitement I feel when adrenaline is pulsing through me on the elliptical.  I feel like Wonder Woman, and darn it, I’m going to express how I feel (yes, there’s a workout top to show off our inner Wonder Woman).

Here are a few fun gym workout tops that are inspirational and anything but typical.  Hmmm.  Kinda like us!

What fun workout tops are you going to try?  Share in the comments section below.



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