12+1 Things to Get for Free: Check Out Dealnews’ Updated Freebies List for 2013

What: Dealnews recently updated their list of 13 Things You Should Always Get for Free, with tips that include getting beauty and grooming products and shipping for free.

What They Say:

There are few things more thrilling for a deal shopper than getting something for free.[…] From smartphones to restaurant food, there are certain categories that are regularly flush with gratis promotions. So next time your whip out your wallet, consider first if that purchase could come at no cost to you.

What We Say: Before you head over to the full list, hear us out: the article is in no way anyone’s golden ticket to a life of unlimited free stuff (we already have our folks for that. We kid!) There will always be a trade-off here, obviously, though it would be nice to dream that businesses were doing this out of pure altruism. From surrendering your e-mail addresses to waiting for up to eight (!) weeks of delivery time, there are some items in this list that you might be better off purchasing straight away.

But different strokes for different folks, right? You might just find one freebie that’s perfect for you. Plus, it’s always good to remember that May 28th is actually National Hamburger Day. Yum.

Click here to read the full freebies list.