16 Great Free Shipping Sites

As a gal who loves to shop but hates crowds and lines, online shopping has become the first stop on my list whenever I need to buy something. If I can buy it online, I do–so as you can imagine, for the sake of convenience, I’ve bought pretty much every kind of thing possible to be shipped straight to my front door. On one hand, while there are often great deals online, I’m no stranger to the one downer of home-delivery: shipping costs. Ranging from flat-rate to astronomical, shipping fees are known to make even the most practical purchase seem ridiculously indulgent. So every time I come across an online retailer that boasts free shipping, I take note. Here are sixteen of my favorites:

Great Free Shipping Sites

Known for superior customer service, it’s no wonder that Nordstrom offers free shipping! We’d expect nothing less.

Free shipping both ways, Zappos makes buying shoes online as stress-free as possible. No longer will you have to stress about a shoe running “true to size”–if It doesn’t, send it back!

American Apparel (orders over $50)
Let’s be real: Most items at American Apparel cost around $50, so buy one thing (or two pairs of tights) and shipping is complimentary.

Target (orders over $50)
For all your home, closet, kitchen and general living needs. Never go to the store again!

Amazon (orders over $25)
Ships practically everywhere, and with Amazon Prime, shipping throughout the United States is free.

Overstock.com ($2.95)
Where else can you get a Crock-Pot, an iPod cover and a leather dog jacket shipped for the same flat rate as a three-seat couch? And at $2.95, that’s practically free.

Christmas gifts for extended family? There is no other place where you can get every item monogrammed and shipped for free. Personalized scarves for all!

Barnes and Noble (orders over $25)
Books and games and things, straight to your doorstep. You won’t get caught reading self-help books ever again!

Best Buy
It’s not like you’d want to carry that 52-inch TV anyway. A bonus: For additional costs, they’ll send the Geek Squad to assemble and mount whatever you just bought!

Buy, sell and share your looks–and either way, it ships for free!

For your everyday, high-end needs, Barneys ships concierge-style.

Kate Spade
Because shopping the sale online is classier than a catfight in-store. Plus, it’s cool to be discreet.

Linens ‘n Things
Sometimes you need a new set of sheets and don’t have the time. We love the free shipping because it lets us get on with our lives hassle-free.

Shop for everything you might ever wear from designers you love at discounted rates AND free shipping!

Sunglass Hut
When it’s hot outside and you want an extra pair, why waste time indoors when you can order for free online? It’s a win-win situation.

Use technology to buy accessories for your technology without monetary penalties, and eliminate the trip to the one store we love and loathe!

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