Free Beauty Lessons from Sephora

What: We’re not sure if this just means Sephora saleswomen (sorry, people) are about to get even pushier than ever, but the store’s now offering up free beauty consultations. Without committing to a purchase, you can enjoy a tutorial on how to apply that blush just right, what shade of red lipstick to wear with your skin tone, and which brand of mascara really makes your eyes pop.

What Sephora Says: “Reservations may be required, please call the store for details. Walk-ins are welcome on a space-available basis.”

What We Say: Wait, is this really something new? Don’t all the beauty counters at top department stores offer up complimentary makeovers? We’re guessing Sephora’s making a big deal out of this because they’ve got true beauty experts on hand, but we’ll have to wait and see on this one.

If you’re planning on making a purchase to begin with, this is a great way to learn some makeup application techniques that could save you some big money later on – don’t pay for someone to do your makeup for that wedding you’re in; you already know your stuff, right? However, don’t blame us if you end up walking out of Sephora with a big bag of products you don’t need.

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I just used the service, and was delighted.  I liked the Sephora foundation, but wasn’t sure I bought the right color.  The salesperson was quick and to the point.  There was no attempt to sell me what I didn’t want—none.  However, I did buy other products that I seen and wanted to try because of her no-nonsense approach.  The last two experiences in department stores ended badly because of tactless recommendations that were made by over eager salespeople at makeup counters.

@ZaftigFashionista : Thanks for the note… I personally had a VERY bad experience at Sephora- which may lead to a bias on this site.  A store in NYC accused my mother of shoplifting mascara and then went on to insult her even further by telling her “We have people who send their children to Ivy league schools who shoplift” As if an African-American person wouldn’t be able to do that as well. (My parents sent me to Yale).

The irony is that they seen us stuff like mascara- which we either turn down, review, or giveaway on twitter, all the time.

Finding the perfect red lipstick alone would be enough to get me in on this.  Learning how to apply bronzer on top of that?  Insanity.  Like your article points out though: if it’s beauty experts rather than salespeople, that would be excellent.  If it’s salespeople… well yeah, I can get that at the MAC counter.

@EmilyKennedy- I do like their lipsticks….

I stopped going to Sephora after a few bad experiences. I am horrible at matching my foundation color to my skin. So I thought a beauty store would have the help I needed. I’ve had two salespeople be very snappy with me when I asked if they could match the color on my face. They then would proceed to harshly put it on my face. I still shop Sephora online for other items but I’ve been sticking to the department store counters for foundation.

Actually, I love Sephora’s line of “natural products” and moisterizers.  I’m not into the “getting made up at the counter” as I only wear lipstick, eyeliner and sometimes mascara.  I buy concealors/foundations from CVS, etc.  Black Opal has great products for people of color.  I just research or google how to pick the right shades and use the mirrors in the makeup isles to see if I’m close enough.  I once went to the Clinique counter to have a complimentary “face painting” for some graduation pictures I was about to take.  I hated the shade of foundation used; I looked as if I should’ve been placed in a casket.  Therefore, you know your skin tone…just take a good look.  You would probably do a better job than the so-called “makeup artists.”

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