Forever 21 Enters Beauty & Home Furnishings Market

What: Following the recent launches of a swimwear collection and plus-size line known as Faith 21 earlier this year, Forever 21 has decided to expand some more. The frugally-focused retailer has just announced plans to enter the beauty and home markets, by introducing Forever 21-branded makeup and housewares into its largest stores around the country later this year.

What WWD Says:
“According to a spokeswoman, beauty and home merchandise would be first rolled out to Forever 21’s largest stores, including 15 former Mervyn’s locations, before entering Forever 21’s XXI concept.”

What We Say: It’s one thing to pay $15 for a sweater that falls apart after one wash, but are customers really willing to shell out for bed sheets and comforter covers that may suffer the same fate? Unfortunately, the answer inevitable looks to be yes, since pretty much every bargain-based venture Forever 21 delves into somehow becomes a success. Nonetheless, we have to admit to being slightly excited that the company is finally coming out with its own brand of makeup, since we can’t seem to get enough of super-cheap eyeliners and lip glosses as of late.


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