How to Make a Flower Pot Pen Holder

Who knew that terracotta pots have so many craft uses? We came across this project on and loved that the simple materials and process could create something so cute. It’s a glorified pen holder that doubles as decoration for your home office or desk. When you’re paying bills, you can glance up at the pretty petals and smile. Plus, you’ll fool your friends. If you give it as a gift, they’ll look at it with one of those patented “it’s-great-what-is-it” confused smile on their faces until you reveal its secret.


A pen with a removable cap
A small terracotta pot
A fake flower
Air-drying clay
Floral tape
Green felt
Wire cutters
*Optional: green paint

The Process

1. Fill the pot with clay to the edge of the pot’s “lip.” Pack it tightly.
2. Insert the pen cap into the center of the clay, top down. The opening of the cap should be on the same level as the clay’s surface. Let the clay dry a bit.
3. Cut your fake flower with the wire cutters at about six inches from the bloom.
4. Glue green felt on the surface of the clay, making a hole for the pen cap. Trim the edges so it fits perfectly inside the pot.
5. Wind the floral tape around the pen to about two inches from the top of the pen, or up to the point where you naturally hold it. Then, line up the fake flower at the point where you stopped the tape. Finally, wind the tape very tightly around both the pen and the stem of the flower right up to the bloom. It sounds more complicated than it is, trust us. The goal is simply to unite them into one flower pen.

6. Wind floral tape around the pen cap if any of it is showing. Here is our pen outside of its holder so you can check out what we mean.

7. If you like, you can paint vines and leaves around the terracotta pot.
8. Insert the pen into the cap!


There you have it. You have a deceptive pen holder. Each time we’ve pulled out the pen for someone, they let out a delighted “Oh!” Hope you enjoy yours!

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