Site Review: Flipshion Lets You Shop Runway Looks at Half the Price… Right On Your Phone!

Flipshion Site Review

Whether they are online or in hard copy, I’ve always been a fan of fashion magazines. Perhaps it’s my ADD, maybe it’s the fact that you can pack in the best of the best from several runway shows all at your finger tips — but I think magazines are some of the most efficient and effective methods for staying in fashionBut, as every BF knows, off-the-runway is NOWHERE near being off-the-rack. Sure, that thigh-length sweater dress from Dior would look amazing with my nude pumps, but not $1,000 amazing. So, what’s a girl to do? Circle seasonal trends and hope to get lucky and find them in a more affordable price range?

Enter Flipshion, the app made for savvy BFs like ourselves – trust me, your budget and closet have never been in such harmonious agreement!

Flipshion Site Review

What: For $1.99 you can get the quarterly Flipshion iPhone/iPad app that takes the hottest seasonal trend outfits and shows you much more affordable versions. Available every season, the Flipshion app will automatically update your catalogue when the newest volume is available so you never miss out.

The Low Down: I LOVE how visual this app is. The layout is brilliant – basically, imagine a snapshot of an amazing runway outfit on one side of the page, and then on the other a model wearing a very similar outfit but for often less than half the price. Not only does the Flipshion version tell you how much each piece is and where to get it, if you click on the image it will take you to the store website where you can buy it on the spot!

The Bottom Line:  Flipshion makes looking good and trendy easy and affordable. Definitely a no-brainer for any Budget Fashionista!

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    I love this app and plus its now free to download on itunes!

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