Five Great Pairs of Summer Shorts on a Budget

Summer Shorts

Ready or not, shorts season is upon us … so break out that heavy-duty moisturizer, a fresh razor and prepare to bare. What we love about shorts over the last few seasons is that they’ve become part of our overall wardrobe options — an alternative even for an evening out, and not just for running errands on Saturday afternoon. Five picks for less:

1. Pleated Accent Shorts, $19.80, Forever21
“Bloomer” styling is the latest in shorts looks this year, and while we haven’t exactly been spending our days hoping and praying for a bloomer revival, worn right these can be both hip and flattering. Speaking of hips, however, and tummies … if you have a little extra in those areas bloomers are not your friend (but you knew that). That being said, if you are curve-challenged, bloomers can add a little oomph where you need it. Pair these with a long lean tank, tailored jacket, and chunky gladiator-style sandals to keep it current.

2. Cargo Shorts With Sash, Charlotte Russe, $19.50
These tie-front, roll-cuff shorts are slightly more casual — and more universally flattering — than the bloomers featured above. They’re versatile too — pair with a t-shirt and flip flops for hanging out, or with a slouchy off-the-shoulder cropped top and colorful wedge sandals for going out.

Summer Shorts

3. Kimchi Blue Full Floral Short, Urban Outfitters, $38
Love a short short skirt but don’t want to deal with the potential wardrobe malfunctions? This short has a retro vibe, with a high-waist and full-silhouette, but you can make it modern with a cropped top in a complementary pattern, and classic ballet flats.

4. Crosshatch Wide Waistband Shorts, Express, $44.50
If your workplace happens to be progressive or casual enough for shorts (lucky you), this sleek tailored pair, just polished enough to look professional, should do the trick. A tailored blouse, heels and bold jewelry will keep it dressy — and you can add a jacket or cardigan to button-down the look even more.

5. Denim Trouser Short, $19.80, Forever21
While we’re not against a classic denim cutoff for kicking around the house or even heading to the beach, for all other purposes we like to see denim taken up a notch with some clean tailored detailing, like this denim trouser short from Forever21. For those of a classic and/or conservative bent, we’d suggest the dark wash, but it comes in an 80s-worthy light wash for the more trend-adventurous fashionistas …


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