The Five Beauty Products You WON’T Need This Fall

Now that summer is over, it’s time to prep your beauty drawer for fall. If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of beauty products from different types of liner to stacks and stacks of eye shadow. Of course, each new season brings on some new trends. So, below are a few things for you to toss out (or put to the side!) until the winter comes around.

Things You Should Throw Out for Fall

…The Pink Lipstick

The Pink Lipstick

Fall has always been known for its darker, bolder colors. So if you have pretty pink lipsticks or glosses, set them aside. Fall is about the deep reds and burgundies.

…The Tweezers

The Tweezers

Okay, we don’t actually want you to throw out the tweezers altogether, but in keeping with the fall trend, use them sparingly and allow your eyebrows to fill out some. Just use the tweezers for gentle shaping and sculpting, not for taking large pieces away.

…The Bronzer

The Bronzer

Unlike last year, there was not a lot of bronzer on the runway. Fall this year is going to be all about enhancing the natural color of your cheeks, which is usually a dash of pink when the weather gets cooler.

…The Straightener

The Straightener

If you straighten your hair every day, you can now save yourself a few minutes in the morning. Many models featured natural, loose locks whether they had long hair or short hair. The aim is not perfection. It’s a cozy, comfortable look.

… The Boring Shadow

The Boring Shadow

Sure, there was a good deal of pretty, neutral palettes on the beauty scene for this upcoming season, but our favorite looks were the designers who went bold. Try a fun color like the neon red above for a high fashion look. And, if you are afraid to try this during daylight hours, simply give it a go on a night out with your girls and then take it from there.

Catherine A.

Catherine A.

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