Flipping for Filigree: Pretty Filigree Jewelry for Every Mood

I’m going to get right to it:  I’m a filigree fanatic.  Always was, always will be.  With its intricate designs and scrolling patterns, filigree jewelry is a pretty accent that works with just about any look.  Plus, filigree fits every mood.  It can go from dainty and romantic (think light, airy swirls) to edgy and bold (filigree toe ring or statement necklace, anyone?).

Gone are the days where filigree jewelry is limited to golds and silvers or basic snowflake patterns.  These days, there’s plenty of other elements thrown in the mix, from unexpected pops of color to tightly woven metals and everything in between.

We love making our style as classic or funky as we want with a simple change of jewelry and filigree does the trick.  So, let’s pretty up in filigree jewelry.  Here are nine we have our eye on.  Decisions, decisions!

Filigree Flair: Nine Pieces of Pretty Filigree Jewelry



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