Fashion Trend: Cross Body Purses

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A friend of ours recently arrived to a party with a small, white leather bag with a long strap worn across her chest. Inspired by her off-the-beaten-path style, we set out to find these purses at our favorite shopping haunts. Since our friend is in love with fashion, we weren’t surprised to find that the small purse is growing in popularity; we assume it’s a reaction to the gigantic totes and hobos we’ve been carrying for a few seasons, and we’re happy to see that there are more options out there for those of us who don’t carry everything and the kitchen sink on our shoulders. The return of the clutch heralded the return of smaller purses, and the options are encouraging. But don’t worry about looking like you came from the 80’s in a time machine—this millennium’s embellishments, fabrics and details have been applied to the decades-old shapes.

Use the chain-link strap that comes with this raffia clutch from Old Navy—it’s currently $4.99.

If you want a more classic purse, try this camera purse from Urban Outfitters. We love its rich cognac color. Now $24.99

The snake trim clutch from Topshop is a bit of a splurge, but since it’s quality leather, you’ll keep it for years. 30 pounds.

This little red cross body purse was found in a thrift shop and embellished with pieces of jewelry. The quilted pattern is classy and traditional, while the bright red keeps it from looking outdated. $19.00.

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  • VirtuallyKim

    I have a three year old and after trying to chase him with a regular shoulder bag and finding it impossible to grab him and hold the purse at the same time, I switched to a cross body purse. What a joy! My first cross body I got is not beautiful – it’s looks like something off a WWII medic’s kit but I got it at Kohl’s for less than $10 on massive markdown. It carries pretty much what I need and I can carry my kid in mid “I-need-a-nap” meltdown without losing my purse. Now I have about four in a range of styles. They rock.

  • Ah, trends! I admit that the huge bags caught me the first time I saw an actress carrying a hugely oversized canvas tote bag (I think it was Michael Kors) because it’s so easy to toss everything in! And so chic. But you absolutely MUST downsize for evening, and it’s not good for your back to constantly carry your life in a largebag. And that’s where the smaller bags come in: clutches, wristlets, swingpacks, I’ve even tried to revive belt bags and (hipper fanny packs) to remove a handbag from my hands. At my worst the smaller bag goes inside the larger to help organize my personal effects.

  • magnetmag

    Arent you slightly behind on this trend?  Anything new to offer us readers?