Fashion Trend: Faux Fur on a Budget

As Kohl’s recently taught us, faux fur isn’t always so faux—the budget retail giant was caught riding dirty, passing off jackets with “faux” fur trim that actually came from raccoon dogs (an Asian species that is more dog than raccoon, but most certainly not faux in any sense of the word). What what??? If we’re going faux, we’re talking REAL faux (an oxymoron, we know), but really—that’s kind of the whole idea.

Faux fur is a trend we’re digging because it spans from fall to winter to spring 2015, and there’s nothing a budget fashionista loves more than a trend that has a long life (meaning we invest a little now for a long-term return). Whatever your reason for going faux, think faux fur jackets, vests, and trim, in colors (white, off-white, gray) and cuts (sleek, straight, cropped) that will transition season to season, with everything from boyfriend jeans to leather-look leggings to a swinging little floral skirt. Following are some faux fur picks that will take you from fall to spring, for less (divide what you spend by the number of times you’ll wear it to equal= a total win).

Faux Fashion Trend on a Budget

The Faux Fur Jacket.

Buckled Faux Fur Jacket

Buckled Faux Fur Jacket, $52.80 from Forever 21

We love this piece for it’s fun, funky, total mod feel. Wear with denim, leggings, a maxi skirt—really, anything in your closet. It’s perfect.

The Faux Fur Vest.

Faux Fur Vest

Faux Fur Vest, $39.95 from H&M

This is a piece that you have to have a little attitude to pull off, but we know you’ve got that covered. Wear this with, well, whatever you want really … but we might suggest a skater dress with leggings or tights, a maxi skirt with cute boots, or dark skinnies with stilettos? Add a chic clutch and you are. all. that.

The Faux Fur Trim.

Army Anorak

Army Anorak, $98 from Nasty Gal

Cargo and military style jackets have been on-trend for awhile, but for Fall 2014 through Spring 2015, faux fur trim brings such jackets to totally au courant status. This army anorak from Nasty Gal has all the right elements—the right color, the right cut and fully faux trim. And it’s the perfect throw-on for all those unpredictable weather days Mother Nature sees fit to throw our way.

The Fur-Trimmed Boot.

Women's Trina Faux Fur lined Boots

Women’s Trina Faux Fur Trim Ankle Boots, on sale $27.99 from Target

We have a confession – we’re boot addicts. No matter how many types of boots we amass, there just always seem to be more boots we must have (we blame Pinterest, but whatever). At this point, our boot budget is pretty much maxed, but we’d like to live vicariously through you so if you’re in the market, might we suggest a fabulous fur-trim boot? While the old reliable fur-trimmed Ugg style boot is on every other girl out there, we like the idea of an edgier, more hipster-influenced boot for 2014-2015. Something that will add an extra does of style to plaid, denim, leggings, maxi-dresses, pretty much whatever fall/winter/spring throws at us. A fur-trimmed ankle boot perhaps? Works for us.

The Faux Fur Jacket Part II.

Two Tone Shaggy Faux Fur Coat

Two Tone Shaggy Fur Coat, on sale $39.90 at Choies

There is no logical reason why we should purchase or wear this two-tone fur coat, except that it looks super awesome and also that it reminds us of that very retro-chic fur cape that Jessica Lange donned recently in American Horror Story (and seriously, who’s more fab than Ms. Lange?). And why not have a piece in your wardrobe that’s just a wee bit surprising and totally head-turning? Exactly.