True Confessions: I Take Selfies to Show off my Style

Selfies are a hot topic.  Take them and we’re vain.  Don’t take them and we’re boring.  They’re fun.  They’re annoying.  Me?  I’m a full-fledged selfie addict.  Say what you will, but I take selfies (and lots of them).  Why?  To show off my new– or potentially new– style.

Why I Love Taking Fashion Selfies

Yes, I take selfies. Hat selfies are just the beginning.

Yes, I take selfies. Hat selfies are just the beginning.

Before ladies think I take over-the-top selfies complete with pucker lip expressions, Marilyn Monroe-ish blowing kisses and cleavage galore, get that image out of your head fast.  My selfies are about my new dress (is a stripped maxi dress for me or not?), my green nails (yay or nay?) or excitement over new bangs.  It’s not to let my Facebook friends think I’ve got my sexy on, even if I do feel like I’ve got my sexy on.

A selfie over my “I just got bangs” excitement.  I no longer have bangs, but still, it was fun to show off my new look a couple years back.

My selfie obsession is to show off my excitement over a new look, while hopefully getting advice from others about my new hat or ‘do or shoes . . . you get the point.  Plus, selfies offer convenience when it comes to clothes shopping.  It’s great to snap pics of outfits in the dressing room as I go from one store to the next without having to remember exactly how something fit . . . from a store at the other end of the mall.   No more going back and forth to stores to “see” how a certain top looked on me – all the pics are on my phone!

Dress selfies to help make fashion decisions.

Dress selfies to help make fashion decisions.

If I do post a selfie, it’s not only a fun way to express my style, but to get feedback.  Sometimes friends call attention to a fashion no-no, keeping my “what was I thinking?” moments in check.  I appreciate those who say nice things about a new hat purchase, but I also love their “it’s kinda not for you” fashion honesty too.  Bonus:  Selfie feedback isn’t just from my immediate circle of friends but from friends and family who live everywhere from Oklahoma to Manhattan.  How great is that?  Thank you, Facebook!

So there you have it.  I take selfies because I think they’re a fun way to express fashion and beauty choices, not because I’m an egomaniac with a mirror in every room of my house.   They allow me to compare styles from one store to another, express myself and get feedback in the beauty and fashion department.

That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

Selfie-takers of the world, unite!

Tell me, do you take selfies?  What are your thoughts about them?  Let me know in the comments below.