Fashion Advice: Date Dressing When You’re Over 50

So your over 50 and back on the dating scene. You want to look sexy without looking like a retired Hooters girl. Here are some tips to help you along your way:

1. Show a little leg, but not too much. Make sure your skirt or dress hits you right at your knee, which is one of the most flattering points on most women.

2.  Wear a lightweight shawl or shrug over sleeveless and spaghetti strapped dresses. That way you have to option of strategically taking the covering off during the night—when your date has proven he deserves to see a little more.

3.  Always wear heels. Heels are very sexy, even when worn with pants. Plus they elongate your legs and make you look thinner.

4. Wear form-fitting (not tight!) items. There’s nothing sexy about a muumuu. Fitted items can be as sexy as showing tons of skin and leaves something to your date’s imagination. Wear a fitted pair of pants or jeans or a sweater that hugs your well-earned curves (even if it’s long sleeve, it will still look sexy). However, make sure the lumps and bumps (we all have them) are smoothed out (see point 6)

5.  Place jewelry where you want your date to focus. Place it to draw attention to your best asset. One nice ring (and I mean one, leave the extra rings at home Liberace!) or a nice bracelet will draw attention to your hands, a nice necklace will draw attention to your neck or, if it drops low, your bust, a great belt will draw attention to your waist, nice earring to your neck and face.

6.  Good foundation is tres important. Make sure you wear a bra that provides support and makes you feel sexy (they do exist, try the French brand Chantelle or the brand Freya) and panties that provide tummy support (Olga brand has panties that provide support and look sexy).


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