Fashion Advice: Pants For Those of Us with a Little Junk in Our Trunk

Dear Budget Fashionista,

I have been trying to find pants that fit forever! Any advice for someone that is 5’ 10”, size 12 with long legs? I am also on a budget and too pear-shaped to wear “normal” pants. Help a girl with some junk in the trunk?

A: I have a bit of junk in my trunk (for those of you who are a bit lost—junk in the trunk means a big bottom) and at 5 ft 11 inches it’s also a problem finding them long enough. The best brand of pants that I’ve found is the curvy fit low rise flare pants in tall online at Unfortunately the pants are only available online—but they are specifically made for those whose waists are smaller than their bottoms and rarely cost more than $48.00 (usually they’re on sale for around $30).


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