Fall Trend: Black Turtlenecks

Audrey Hepburn first immortalized the black turtleneck during the beatnik 1950s, and the classic style is back for Fall 2010. While we don’t expect you to rock it with lots of edgy and futuristic updates ala Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler, you can wear it with big, bold statement and bib necklaces.

Check out our picks below.

Black Turtlenecks

1. Elbow-Sleeve Turtleneck, $68 at White House Black Market
2. Silk Cashmere Knit Puff-Sleeve Turtleneck, $34.99 at Newport News
3. Unisex Tri-Blend Turtleneck, $32

Black Turtlenecks

4. Kamella Silk-Cotton Turtleneck, $79.50 at Ralph Lauren
5. Majestic Turtleneck, $95 at Nordstrom

Blog Comments

Love the Newport News turtleneck, but the link doesn’t seem to be working. Do you have the item number or some other way to find it on the site?

@Darla- unfortunately the turtleneck was sold out. Apparently a large number of people bought it within 2 hours of the post

Love the look! But is there anyway to prevent it from making you look like you have a fat neck? Would a mock turtleneck cut down on the padded look?

@Courtney- we’re not a fan of the mock turtleneck. To reduce the appearance of a “fat neck” (we’re sure you’re neck is awesome)- try pairing it with a bib necklace that draws the eye towards your chect and away from your neck 🙂

i fail to see how something as basic as a black turtleneck can be considered a trend. maybe you can feature that variations you mention in your article instead.

@donna black turtlenecks aren’t basic for a lot of people.

I know their should be something out there for everyone so maybe I should not say this but… As a fair skinned freckle face woman, I wish black would just go away. Black and navy makes on me looks ill unless I wear it with a colorful scarf that brings some life back into my face. Black looks fantastic and sophisticated on one of my best friends with a completely different complexion.

I always mispell. I should have typed “I know there” not “their”. Sorry everyone.

@sarah- feel free to write away! there’s no grammar police here 🙂

Do you have any current photo examples of wearing statement/bib necklaces with a black turtleneck? I get it, in theory, but I keep thinking of my un-hip stepmother’s “necklaces over turtleneck” look in the late 80s!


I’m 100% with u all concerning the fat neck/turtleneck look. I guess i’ll have to go find a bib necklace. 🙁

I always mispell. I should have typed “I know there” not “their”. Sorry everyone.

Point to remember: turtlenecks may not flatter larger-busted women. I’ve always loved them, but a picture taken of me in one changed my mind…

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