Five Fall Tips for Traveling for Less

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Remember back in college, when Thursday became the new Friday? Well, traveling in the fall has become the new summer vacation. The best part is, technically, since fall is considered “off-season,” there’s a bookshelf of ways to play and create your own adventure for a price less than you’d ever imagine.

Five Travel Tips for Fall

LivingSocial Escapes

You know LivingSocial because it brings you discounted manicures, dinners out and dollars off activities you wouldn’t normally try (or even know about). For the love of getting you out of the house, LivingSocial offers Escapes so you’ll get out of town, as well.

Through LivingSocial Escapes, you’ll find packaged trips for one or two that include housing and flight, as well as other pre-selected perks for rates on average 50 percent less than you’d pay elsewhere.



One of the most expensive parts about travel can be the accommodations. I’ve always wondered why we pay multiple dollars for a hotel room that we’re only there to sleep in.

Enter Airbnb.

The option to rent out a couch, bed, room, condo or apartment means that you pay less and get more–who wouldn’t want a full kitchen from time to time while on vacation? Book and pay for vetted stays for much less than you’d pay for a motel, hotel or Holiday Inn.

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