5 Fall Interior Design Ideas You Probably Already Own

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The sun is setting earlier and earlier, there’s a cool breeze in the air, and the fall vibe is settling in. No longer is it all about partying it up outdoors all day in night. Fall reminds us how great it is to cozy into the couch with a blanket and a great movie or book.

Our houses should welcome that snuggle-in feeling, and here are five tricks that may not even require a trip to the store, to spiffy up your place this fall.

1. Set the table

You’d be hard pressed to find a decor magazine that shows a dining room table not set. It’s just so inviting to see the dishes and glasses awaiting a wonderful soirée. While summer is all about BBQs outside, fall is for dinner parties and celebrating the bountiful harvest. Set your table. Not only will it look amazing but you’ll probably be inspired to host a dinner party because of it. Here I use branches as my bouquet for longevity and intrigue and Eiffel Tower Christmas ornaments as place setting pizazz.

2Hang Your Unused Art Outdoors

Courtney Lochner porch art

We all have art lying around unused. Maybe like me you just ran out of wall space or maybe you have art that you’re not in love with enough to commit to a wall inside. Well those pieces can add to some major ambiance outdoors. I hung some fun and not-so-connected pieces on my porch and the effect is oh-so-cozy! Perfect for those last days I can eat outside before winter.

3. Frame a Dish Rag

Courtney Lochner art

While we’re on the topic of art, it’s all in the eye of the beholder right? I fell quasi in love with my dish rags from Sur La Table and decided to frame them. The result? Original, interesting and great art in my kitchen. Believe it or not, this is a dish rag!

4. Packed and Ready

Courtney Lochner valises

Use decorative hat boxes and vintage luggage as interesting art installations around the house. Don’t have any? Check Home Goods for hat boxes and vintage and antique shops for great old valises.

5. Set the Stage for Yourself

Courtney Lochner Leather Chair

They always talk about staging when selling a home but why not set the stage for yourself? Use blankets, pillows, candles, books and yes, night caps, to set the stage for yourself. Make your home feel like a big ol’ blanket ready to swallow you up like a hug—you deserve it!

Do you have favorite fall spicing up tricks? If so, please share them!

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