Five Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Real Women

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Long Skirts
Fall Fashion Trends

Maxi Skirt, $39.50 at Victoria’s Secret

Yeah, the saying is correct. Skirts do get longer when the economy is bad and the economy is so bad that skirts have reached maxi lengths. A great way to wear the longer skirts is to go monocrhome- black and black, red and red, orange and orange.

Advice for Real Women: You will wear a long black maxi skirt. I am so sure you will wear a long maxi skirt, that if you can find a good one under $50 (like those at Victoria’s Secret), I think you should consider buying two. Pair the skirts with a long Boyfriend cardigan or a color black top for a layered look. You can also throw a boyfriend cardigan over this summer’s maxi dress for a similar look.

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  • Rachel

    Also really enjoyed this post. I didn’t see the info for the maker of the leather skirt…I’m viewing on my phone so that could be the problem. @Jennell would love to get the name of your blog as well…also curvy here! 🙂

    • TBF

      It was the limited but apparently the skirt is now not being sold…

  • Yes yes yes!!! This post is perfection. You have organized a great list of affordable pieces for the everyday woman. I read that the average size of women in America is a size 14. I am a size 18 on the bottom and 12 up top (yep i’m a pear shape), and sometimes the things that are “hot” for a size 2 don’t appeal to me. Every piece that you mentioned appeals to me. Either I already own them or have them on my list of future buys. I will definitely feature this post on the blog I publish with a friend. Curvy girls, or Size Sexy Women as I like to call them, all over need to know about the budget fashionista! Fabulous, simply FABULOUS!

    • TBF

      Thanks Jenell!

  • This is a great list…no non-sense, budget friendly and great pictures. Maxi is just not a hemline that works on me 🙁 but i tore the Victoria’s Secret picture above out of the catalog the minute i saw it. It is such an effortless and sexy look. I don’t know what to say about a leather skirt other than it scares me…the cut is somewhat prim and proper, but the fabric is rocker, so i have no idea how to balance out the rest of the outfit. If you go girlie then from a distance you look like a nun, if you go rocker then you look like a sadist up close…so i’m thinking…neutrals? Which is cool…but i love color! i feel naked without it! which is why i LOVE cherry red and mustard yellow pants for fall! So. Much. Fun. Speaking of fun, why not add a little to that grey sheath with a teal belt or emerald green pumps?

    • TBF

      I would kill for a pair of emerald green pumps…. clutchjewelry amazing idea….