Five Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Real Women

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Color, Color Color

Green Pants

Cropped Kickflare Pants, $73.18 at

Color is the color of the moment, which is refreshing after fall 2010’s dark and darker color palette (we’re done with gray). Jade green, mustard yellows, purple, and cherry reds will continue to dominant this fall.

Advice for Real Women: Go bright my friends. Add color where ever your most comfortable. For those of us who are bold, go for a Knit dress in red, jade, or yellow or a pair of colorful capris in one of this season’s must have colors. For the less color inclined, go for a colorful necklace, bright bag or even a bright scarf.

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  • Rachel

    Also really enjoyed this post. I didn’t see the info for the maker of the leather skirt…I’m viewing on my phone so that could be the problem. @Jennell would love to get the name of your blog as well…also curvy here! 🙂

    • TBF

      It was the limited but apparently the skirt is now not being sold…

  • Yes yes yes!!! This post is perfection. You have organized a great list of affordable pieces for the everyday woman. I read that the average size of women in America is a size 14. I am a size 18 on the bottom and 12 up top (yep i’m a pear shape), and sometimes the things that are “hot” for a size 2 don’t appeal to me. Every piece that you mentioned appeals to me. Either I already own them or have them on my list of future buys. I will definitely feature this post on the blog I publish with a friend. Curvy girls, or Size Sexy Women as I like to call them, all over need to know about the budget fashionista! Fabulous, simply FABULOUS!

    • TBF

      Thanks Jenell!

  • This is a great list…no non-sense, budget friendly and great pictures. Maxi is just not a hemline that works on me 🙁 but i tore the Victoria’s Secret picture above out of the catalog the minute i saw it. It is such an effortless and sexy look. I don’t know what to say about a leather skirt other than it scares me…the cut is somewhat prim and proper, but the fabric is rocker, so i have no idea how to balance out the rest of the outfit. If you go girlie then from a distance you look like a nun, if you go rocker then you look like a sadist up close…so i’m thinking…neutrals? Which is cool…but i love color! i feel naked without it! which is why i LOVE cherry red and mustard yellow pants for fall! So. Much. Fun. Speaking of fun, why not add a little to that grey sheath with a teal belt or emerald green pumps?

    • TBF

      I would kill for a pair of emerald green pumps…. clutchjewelry amazing idea….