Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: Paint the Town Red (and Teal)

When the whole red and teal combo look started to appear (à la Jessica Alba), I had my doubts. But only in that,“really? Pretzels AND chocolate? Together?” kind of way; the doubt lasted all of 10 seconds before I realized the combo was great and actually addicting.

We’ve put together a few cool ideas to be a red and teal knockout.

Combining Red and Teal

Jessica Alba Red and Teal

Hit up Target for some of their teal tops, then check out the selection of red pants at Polyvore to rock the Alba. Go all out with a yellow pocketbook and black leather jacket, and get ready for dishing out autographs.

Bling it On!

Okay, so not everyone’s ready to get all Alba on themselves, and we get that. Conservative fashionistas who still want to make a splash can break out their red and teal trendiness with rings.

My, What Teal Nails You Have

Chloe Grace Moretz

Go bold with a great red dress and punch it up with teal tips. Perfect.

The Eyes (And Lips) Have It

Elizabeth Taylor by Andy Warhol

I’m loving this Andy Warhol lithograph of Liz Taylor—check out the teal eye and red pout. The Tattoo shadow, by the way, lives up to every bit of its name. That stuff stays put.

Katy Perry in Teal

Wow, we almost didn’t recognize Katy without a blue wig or wild patriotic flag dress. We think she’s stunning in a teal top, so we went searching for something that made us feel as equally Katy-ish. Then we broke out our red lipstick and voila—we were feeling glam in red and teal.

PETITE Top with Tutu Peplum

PETITE Top with Tutu Peplum, $53.02 from ASOS


Karina Smirnoff in Teal

I don’t know about you, but I’m strutting my stuff on hardwood floors accented with a cat scratch (or 15), so this fancy strike- a-pose celeb stuff is way, way outta my league. But I’m totally digging this teal dress and red/teal clutch combo. Thanks to ASOS’ great deals, we can look celeb-ified (yes, I enjoy making up words occasionally) without breaking the bank.

Superstar Magazine

It’s no secret that I’m crazy about pencil skirts. Toss this fun teal-and-red combo in the mix, and I’m happier than a chocoholic at the Hershey factory.

What do you think of the red and teal combo? Tell us what looks you’ve tried!



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