Fall Celebrity Hair, Health, Makeup and Clothes for Much Less

Every season, there are things celebrities do, wear, and sweat that I love to try out. But with a budget always in mind, I look for ways to do just that without wasting my wallet. Luckily, this fall we can act celeb with secret DIY ways that will make everyone say “wow” – I want to be her!

1. Celebrity Hair: Loose waves


DIY: One of the easiest looks to do yourself in a jiffy, after a wash, dry grab your fat roller. Starting underneath, wrap chunks around the roller. When you get to the top and front, simply pull back and slightly curl the ends underneath. Keep in place with a light hairspray or cream.

2. Celebrity Workout: Combination Class


DIY: Think “yoga and cycling” or “running and rowing” – these days, combination classes are all the rave. One simple way to do it for less (much…much less) is to create your own. My favorite duo is “run and swim,” – simply park your car at the pool, take a run for a few miles, then jump in for as many laps as you can fit in to 30 minutes. Viola, all it costs is admission to the pool (a few bucks).

3. Celebrity Diet: Juicing


DIY: Pre-made juices that contain 100% veggie and fruit juice of varying combinations can cost up to $50+ a day. The best affordable option is to invest in a juicer ($33 here at Walmart) and make your own. Check out a few of these recipes and don’t forget to invent your own!

4. Celebrity Makeup: Bright Cheeks


DIY: Sure, there are creams, powders, and sprays, but the best investment I’ve made recently is Raw Natural Beauty Bronzer. And for $25, it’s a total steal.

5. Celebrity Style: Back-to-School


DIY: Always a fan of stripes and kicks, you can get this entire look at Target for less than anywhere else. Sneakers, stripes, jeans.