Mix This: Tons of Texture Trends for Fall 2012

Summer dressing is all about simplicity, but as the days get shorter (and our affinity for flirty summer florals turns to *meh*), get ready for some serious changes for fall 2012. This year, texture is BIG – and mixing textures is even bigger. Think brocade with tweed, lace with faux fur, patent leather with embossed details. Texture, of course, is a great way to add interest to what might otherwise be a ho-hum monochromatic look, and texture can give dark colors much more dimension.

That being said, mixing textures may not be for the fashionably faint of heart – it requires a certain fearlessness (and, well, a certain I-don’t-care-what-anyone-else-thinks attitude). To minimize the potential for a trend-influenced tragedy, however, beginners should mix no more than two textures in any given ensemble, and for those still not quite ready to take that leap, try adding texture with bold accessories (think contrasting metals, studs, beads, embossed leathers, etc.)

Some textured picks to boost the “where did you get that???” factor in your fall wardrobe:

Textured Picks for Fall


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