Make Your Own Eyeglass Cleaning Solution for Less

The worst part about glasses is that they get smudged and streaked and they are so hard to clean with soap and water. But, before you break down and buy the eyeglass and lens cleaner from Target or Wal-Mart’s optical center, try making your own.

Thanks to our reader Jennifer, who sent this in, we now have a cheap way to clean our glasses like a pro.

Just find a travel size spray bottle, which you can buy from your local Dollar Tree for $1, and combine:

-1/3 rubbing alcohol
-2/3 water
-a couple drops of liquid soap

There you have it. It even smells the same.
Jennifer says she’s been using this for years and it only costs about 5 cents to make! We tried it too and we love it. Thanks again, Jennifer.

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