Wedding Registries Gone Original: Introducing Etsy’s Registry

Congrats! You’re engaged, and more importantly, you’ve crossed off a slew of Important Wedding To-Do’s (Yes, capitalization-worthy tasks) off your planning list. Wedding dress. Check. Bridesmaids dresses that won’t leave your besties seething behind your back. Check. Dream venue that’s financially doable. Check.

And now comes the registry. Ah, the ingenious little invention that gently persuades your Aunt Petunia NOT to get you one of those crystal plaques with you and your FH’s (aka: Future Hubby for those unfamiliar with wedding lingo.) faces with the engraving “COUPLE OF THE YEAR 2012” on it. Shudder. You appreciate Aunt Petunia’s thoughtfulness, but not her taste.

The registry gently guides your humble guests to make gift purchases that won’t end up boxed up in your attic.
Yet, for couples who 1. have already lived in sin before the wedding and have all the blenders and steak knives they need. or 2. couples who aren’t interested in cluttering their new homes with vintage jewel covered creamers and teapots from Macy’s they’ll never use, enter Etsy’s Wedding Registry.

“Unique gifts for the next chapter of your life,” according to Etsy.

Whether you shun mass-produced creamers and teapots, or want to support indie entrepreneurs, or your dream home includes Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments, Etsy’s our go-to for everything unique, handmade, vintage, and awesome.

The best part? You get all the kitschy, homemade, cool home goods on your guests’ dime.

Michelle Y

Michelle Y

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Michelle’s fashion education comes from obsessively devouring style blogs and navigating thrift stores (but only on 50% off days).Her interests rocking her grandma’s mustard colored tights from the 50s, hoarding away money in her 401K and ROTH, and lusting for cute tennis outfits. She lives in Los Angeles and wears a scarf almost everyday.
Michelle Y

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