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Elle Decor, the stylish magazine for the home is partnering with Kohl’s to introduce their new home collection line that offers budget priced contemporary and on-trend home furnishings. The line includes decorative pillows, frames, accent items, candles and holders and small furniture at prices ranging from $9.99 to $149.99.

The expansion of our ELLE-branded lifestyle collection into the home category leverages the strong equity from an existing brand and increases its penetration across the store,” said Don Brennan, senior executive vice president of Kohl’s Department Stores. “We continue to differentiate Kohl’s with exclusive, world-class partnerships and remain committed to growing market share.

ELLE Decor

What We Think

We’re all about budget friendly ways to decorate our homes, so we welcome the line. However, home furnishing lines at Kohl’s have a tendency to be a bit on the boring side. We’re interested to see how the Elle Decor line competes with the similar lines at Target (like Thomas O’Brien).

candle holders, decorative box and pink pillows
Fuchsia decorative pillow, $49.99 Sizes: 20×20″; Silver sequined decorative pillow, $49.99 Sizes: 11×20″; Mercury glass candle holders, $24.99-$29.99 Sizes: 12″, 15″, 18″; Fuchsia linen finish candle, $9.99 Sizes: 3×4″; Decorative box, $39.99
glass mirror photo frame
Glass mirror photo frame with fabric matte, $39.99 Sizes: 5×7″, 8×10″; Glass mirror photo frame, $24.99 Sizes: 4×6″; 3-wick jar candle, $24.99
porcelain owl

Porcelain decorative owl, $24.99
lotus shaped candle holder
Lotus candle holder, $19.99
jeweled candles
Mercury glass jewel filled candle, $19.99
glass vases on table
Amber bubble glass vase, $49.99 Sizes: 14″; Amber bubble glass vase, $39.99 Sizes: 8″; 3-wick jar candle, $24.99 Sizes: 12.7 ounces
decorative horse
Decorative horse, $59.99
picture frame and bowl
Antique gold glass photo frame with fabric matte, $39.99 Sizes: 5×7″, 8×10″; Antique gold glass mirror photo frame, $24.99 Sizes: 4×6″; Gold wire bowl, $59.99
large vases on table
Poplar wooden frame, $24.99 Sizes: 5×7″; Vase, $69.99 Sizes: 18″; Vase, $69.99 Sizes: 9″; Hourglass, $29.99 Sizes: 8.5″
sequined pillow and vases
Ivory faux fur throw, $79.99; Sequined decorative pillow, $49.99 Sizes: 11×20″; Mercury glass jewel filled candle, $19.99
Ceramic spheres
Ceramic decorative sphere, $9.99
Colored candles on table
Pillar candle, $12.99 Sizes: 3×6″; Pillar candle, $9.99 Sizes: 3×4″; 3-wick jar candle. $24.99 Sizes: 12.7 ounces

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    It is very friendly decor, nice way to express yourself I like it very much.

    Couldn’t get the Kohls.com/elledecor website to work! Can you tell me if it is functional?

    should work now.. the elle stuf at Kohls is super cute!

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