Easter Topiary: DIY

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Here is how to create your own edible topiary for Easter (and it would make great wedding and shower decorations too!)

1 one-foot wooden dowel
1 6-inch foam ball
1 hot glue gun and sticks
1 8-inch wide terra cotta pot (should be heavy)
Plaster of Paris or sturdy craft foam
Several bags of candy

Here is what you do.
1. Wash the pot and make sure it is clean. Then, put a piece of cardboard over the hole in the bottom. Then either fill it with plaster of paris or sturdy craft foam. We recommend the plaster of paris. The craft foam makes for a more wobbly topiary as the top gets heavy once the candy is on it.
2. Then, if you are using the plaster of paris, let it dry with the dowel inside. If you are using the foam, use hot glue to secure the dowel inside.
3. Paint the pot and the dowel.
4. Let dry.
5. While you are drying, this is the perfect time to start gluing candy. Identify the center of the foam ball. Make sure you are right on the mark. If your foam ball is off balance your topiary will tip. It is easy to mark the center by tying string around the ball horizontally and then vertically. Mark where the string meets and you have your center hole.
6. Paint the foam ball using an acrylic paint. Remember, if you use your over the counter spray paint, it may eat away at the foam, so get spray paint from a craft store and make sure it says it is safe to use on craft foam.
7. Let dry.
8. Glue candy on the ball. There is no real trick to this. Just glue it on the best way you can. This how-to recommends using toothpicks to secure the candy. This seems a little ridiculous, since toothpicks don’t tend to stick into hard chocolate candy very well. But hot glued candy is hard to take off, so you make the call. Just remember, not to let your candy touch the wet paint. That could make everyone sick. Also, do not glue candy over the center hole. That is where the foam ball will attach to the dowel.
9. Once the candy is stuck on the foam ball. Put some hot glue on the dowel and then firmly attach the foam ball to the top.
10. Use ribbon or Easter basket grass to decorate.

Tips and Warnings
: Seriously, make sure your topiary is balanced. And that it is firmly in the base. If your topiary is tipping either use plaster of paris (if you aren’t currently using it), or get a bigger pot.

Also, it takes a lot of candy to cover these balls. Four bags of candy covered one ball!

Here are some other awesome Easter topiary ideas from around the web.
Dove Styrofoam Cone Topiary–This reccomends covering the foam in tissue paper. What a good idea. It saves you from the dangers of getting paint on your candy.
InspireMe Crafts made a topiary with silk flowers.
Who doesn’t love Melissa Lester’s cunning cupcake topiary?
This fabulous topiary is not edible, but is perfect for an upcoming wedding and has spring written all over it.

Have you made a topiary? Let us know how it went in the comments and forums.

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