Guide to Common Household and Drycleaning Symbols

I don’t get those little washing care symbols they put on the other side of clothing tags. There’s too much for me already to remember, the last thing I need is to learn a completely different language just to wash a pair of underwear.

Guide to Common Household and Drycleaning Symbols


However, knowing how to take care of ones clothing is as important as knowing how (and where) to purchase the clothes. I still have nightmares of the time my dad destroyed my favorite (and only) pair of Girbaud jeans during a bleach induced washing frenzy. Unfortunately, there was no internet back then or I would have printed out this handy little Guide to Common Household and Drycleaning Symbols and posted it in our laundry room. The guide gives a straight forward run down of common cleaning symbols and the meaning of each symbol.

You can view it online or download a pdf version of the guide (perfect to hang in your laundry room or to put in your laundry bag before heading out to the laundromat).

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