Fashion Advice: How to Dress for a Conservative Evening Event and Still Have a Little Style

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Dear Budget Fashionista,

I’m the female dinner speaker for an evening black tie military event (I’m not military). The soldiers will be dressed in blues and I need to be comfortable. What do you suggest?

Answer: The key to situations like this, when you’re speaking to a more conservative and traditional audience, is simple elegance. As the speaker, you want people to pay attention to what you say, rather than what you wear. However, as a stylista, you want to add a little of your own style.

Try these tips for dressing conservatively for evening:

– Start with a very simple foundation—like a simple black, dark blue, or darker purple dress or a simple black or blue pants suit.

– Try Color. You might even consider a red dress with a conservative, but still feminine cut.

– Wear a fabulous, but simple, necklace (make sure it’s doesn’t reflect light, you don’t want to blind your audience) or scarf close to your neck/face. Why? The placement of a scarf or necklace close to your face draws the audience’s attention towards your mouth, and of course, your words.