Dr. Scholl’s Pumice Foot Scrub and Foot Softening Balm: Product Review

What: Angela gives Dr. Scholl’s For Her Pumice Foot Scrub and Foot Softening Balm a test run.
The Lowdown: Dr. Scholl’s, the go-to-guy for all things foot, offers up a line of products for the ladies. The pumice scrub boasts the benefit of a pumice stone in lotion form, to exfoliate and moisturize. The softening balm is billed as a boon for rehydrating dry callused skin. Appealing to your olfactory senses? The pumice brings a blast of inspiring peppermint, while the balm contains lavender for a soothing finish.
The pumice is not a scrub for the faint of heart – it lives up to its name, but in a good way, smoothing out those rough summer edges that come from padding around in bare feet as much as possible. The softening balm is the thickest foot cream I’ve seen, and also delivers on it’s promise – after the first use, my tootsies are the most touchable they’ve been all season.
Yea or Nay: A big whopping yea. Run, don’t walk, to your Walgreens, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart or other local drugstore.

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