Comfortable Shoes Dr. Scholl’s Original Women’s Sandals, $28.99 at Dr.

What: Dr. Scholl’s Original Women’s Sandals
Price: $28.99, at Dr.
My Opinion: Back in the day, my mom had a pair of the classic wooden Dr. Scholl sandals, which I believe she bought at our local Walgreens (my mother LOVES Walgreens).  I still don’t, to this day, understand how shoes made from the same wood used for the floor in your elementary shoe gym, could be comfortable, but my mom and contemporaries all rocked those wooden sandals and Walgreens made a bundle.

Fast forward to the new millennium and Dr. Scholl’s has finally updated their classic Women’s Sandals and the new versions are like the “anti flip-flop”. Unlike the flip-flop, the inch high plastic (buh-bye wood) sole maintains a safe distance from the yuck that is found on any urban street and your tootsies.  The shoes are actually stylish,  so stylish that even the boys at the corner bodega even took notice when I wore them to get the morning paper. Plus the soles of the sandals are made of a squishy foam like material that forms to the shape of your foot, which makes them perfect for those of us looking for comfortable and style.
Yea or Nay: Yea, Yea, Yea. I live in these sandals
Buy it: Online at (Sorry mom they’re not sold at Walgreens)

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