Dominique Cohen Jewelry for Target

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What: High-end jewelry designer Dominique Cohen has created a fashionably affordable line for that bastion of all things budget, Target. The limited edition collection features necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pins, with prices ranging from $14.99 to $59.99.

What the fashion heads say: This from Women’s Wear Daily: “The Los Angeles designer, known for producing 18-karat rose and yellow gold necklaces in coin, lace, bamboo, Buddha and Champagne bubble motifs, made her layerable looks affordable by using ribbons, beads, faux pearls, and bronze and gunmetal chains.”

What I say: As a point of comparison, let’s note that Cohen’s luxe items retail for up to $35,000 each. This line looks to be perfectly compatible with fall’s tailored looks, and could be the perfect way to add a little feminine detail to menswear-inspired styling. I especially like the knotted pearl bracelet, above, available in both black and bronze. Shop now; the collection runs only through Feb. 3.


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  • fashfunlover

    Saw the collection-loved it ! These pieces are perfect for the cool months ahead. Although I plan on buying the black bow necklace and earrings, I actually like her beautiful heart collection better. But I see myself wearing this for parties, fancy dinners and for the Holidays.

  • Sarah

    I purchased the bronze colored “beau coeur” necklace online and I’m very happy with it. The chain is sort of antique-y, just a bit chunky and is a perfect length. The pendant itself is sort of like wearing a shiny copper penny, but the heart shape really complements any top that has a “v” neckline. The lettering gives this necklace a really youthful look and feel. I think I”ll be wearing this a lot!

  • I’ve already picked up a cameo necklace and bronze-colored, coin earrings inscribed with “beau coeur.”  Love these!  They even give you little silky bags for your pieces, like real expensive jewelry.

  • I saw all these pieces in my local Target last night. Some of the pearls, like in the bracelet shown, are really big. Overall the whole collection is really pretty. I went home and ordered three pieces from with free shipping, because by purchasing online I get money back in my account. If you order online they are shiping in two to six weeks.

  • Monica

    What a pretty barcelet. Next time I’m at Target I’ll have to stop by the jewelry counter. I rarely buy jewelry at Target. I have everything else for the house and kids to buy first, after that I haven’t any money left for jewelry! I don’t even browse.