DIY: Stick Letters

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This idea is living proof that you can find inspiration in the most unlikely places. I have no kids, but I was browsing the Lauren Alexandra store in Kansas City and fell upon this cute idea. They had a child’s name spelled out in these hand-crafted stick letters. The sticks were held together with hot glue and decorated, the clerk told me, with natural floral decorations from a craft store. The circular letters were twisted out of barbed wire, but if you want to try something safer, a coat hanger spray painted brown, or whatever color you choose, would work. Try changing up the letters for the seasons or making a star for the Fourth of July.

This is a great and easy way to incorporate two trends, eco-friendly and the decorative wall lettering, into your home, like the twig letters from Viva Terra that spell out “Dream” above for $89—only you’re making yours for the cost of some wire and hot glue sticks. Nice.

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