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Budget Home Decor: 4 Ways to Use Picture Easels

When we saw these picture easels at Gordmans for $2.33-$4.99. We got excited and bought three of them. Picture easels are a versatile way of displaying pictures, or art that you can’t hang on your wall. But they can also help you when you need say corkboard for your office but your desk is by the window.

Here are four fun ways to use picture easels.

1. Corkboard. Because we don’t have wall space by the desk. We took a 12″x12″ piece of corkboard ($8 at Wal-Mart), used spray adhesive to glue some scrapbook paper to it ($1 at Target’s Dollar Spot), and set it on the picture easel. It’s a stylish way to stay organizes for less.

2. Mirror. Our bathroom is weird and we don’t have space for a mirror over the sink. So we took this mirror, $.25 from a thrift store, and set it on the counter. It looks fun, adds more light and interest in a small space and is nice to have around.

3. Plate. This look is a little more traditional. But we love the way it looks. It is a great way to display a fun plate or platter. Of course, you can use the picture easel for pictures too. It’s a great way to display family photos.

4. Chalkboard. Here is what you do. Get a piece of scrap wood (or find some at a craft store already cut and sanded, or ask your hardware store cut your wood for you) and cut it to size (12×12 works, but it all depends on your needs and your picture easel). Sand the wood well and then prime it. Then paint it with chalkboard paint. Then, set it in a picture easel in your kitchen to keep track of to-do lists, groceries, leave passive-aggressive notes for your roommate, or whatever you want. You could also get a cheap white board (between $5-$10 at Walmart) and put it in your picture easel.

Picture easels are cheap, easy ways to marry style with function. How do you use them?

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