This Phillip Lim Skirt Might Be the Easiest DIY Ever

I can picture Jessa from “Girls” wearing this 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt, rolling her eyes at her velour-tracksuit-wearing American cousin who doesn’t get if, like, it’s a skirt or a sweater or if it’s all one piece. I can almost hear Jessa’s breathless reply that she’s missing the whole point that it’s art.
That scene would be funny, but let me step back: I’m not making fun of the skirt itself. I love, love Phillip Lim—I want that whole fall collection—and I’m down with ironically grungy designer fashion, too. But at $325, it’s some expensive subversiveness, a steep fee for the stunt of separates that look like one piece (kinda like that McQ by Alexander McQueen $830 Canadian tuxedo).
Which leads me to perhaps the only DIY I’ve never been scared to attempt, as it involves zero glue guns, craft stores or patience, and only two steps. First, buy a similar gray skirt (marled fabric, slouchy knit). Second, find a lighter long-sleeved shirt or sweater and tie it around the waist,
“Clarissa Explains it All”-style.
Click through the slideshow below for a way to do it that costs just $159, so you can get the look of the Lim skirt and still have enough money left over for something equally “I’m running late to that thing at that gallery.” Like a floppy, oversized clutch, blocky wedges or something else Phillip Lim—perhaps this asymmetrical, drapey dress?

A DIY Phillip Lim Skirt

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