DIY: Chair Reupolstry

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Old discarded dining room chairs from your grandma Phyllis, or the one you snuck out of you neighbor’s trash (because who throws away this stuff?), can be quite the find if you know how to fix them up. Often, all they need is a coat of paint and some fabric to make them look brand new. But recovering the seat is where it gets a little dicey for some people. Fortunately, offers a great how-to on reupholstering your dining room chair. Their instructions are very detailed. Alternatively, we did a slap-dash reupolster to some garage sale-find patio furniture by cutting fabric to cover the seat and then using a heavy-duty staple gun to attach the fabric to the wooden seat.

If you need to get new foam for your chairs, visit Foam by Mail, some of their prices are lower than your local craft stores.

Turn your chair into a work of art. Use metallica’s, decoupage, or paint a mini mural on the legs. Go crazy, chances are you got it for free anyway.
Once you’ve mastered the technique, buy some cheap fabric and freshen up your dining room set. Order some foam and make that uncomfortable bench comfortable again

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