Ditsies.com Wants to Rock Your “Underworld” with $12/month Luxe Undies… Shipped for Free!

The Lowdown: Ditsies is a customizable online underwear club that offers a new pair of designer underwear each month for $12. (Don’t worry, they let you switch it up so you don’t get bored)  Other than the 12 dollars a month, there are no other associated fees, and shipping is free. After you pick the style, color, and size,  you’re on your way to a new pair of deluxe undies once a month! The option to skip months is also available.

Ditsies.com Site and Product Review

What I love about the website is the simplicity. You log on, and it shows you exactly how to join in three steps. After that, you’re on your way for 12-dollar-a month membership fee with no hidden charges. Should you want to cancel your membership, you can at any time. If you aren’t satisfied, you can request changes to your membership  by making changes to your account.

For no extra charge, you have the choice to donate to one of two organizations: Somaly Mam, an organization that supports victims of human trafficking by providing them with job skills, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The underwear is also designed and manufactured in NYC, so the undies also have a ‘green’ component to them if you are are resident of the United States. Wanna know something else? There’s referral rewards. For every gal you refer to Ditsies, you get a free month of undies, with no limit to how many free months you can earn. Talk about a bargain!

You can’t lose with Ditsies, especially if you are obsessed with underwear. The price is nice, it’s flexible, local, and socially responsible. If Ditsies could provide more variety as far as style and size, I’m sure this club membership focused on ‘the underworld’ will see an amazing opportunity for growth (Because if you haven’t heard, I’m #team grannypanty) I love the idea of an ‘underwear club’, and I’m sure Ditsies will continue to have a growing fan base.

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