The Different Face Shapes — and the Frames to Flatter Them

3. Square Face

Lucy Liu, Rihanna and Sandra Bullock have square faces.Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Lucy Liu and Rihanna are a few square-faced ladies you know. When your cheekbones, forehead and jaw have roughly the same width, you can add softness with a thin and curved frame. Stay away from thick plastic frames, as they’ll exaggerate the appearance of boxiness.

collection of three eyeglass frame styles for square faces

These picks for square faces feature rounded edges and thin frames. Although you should keep the frame itself on the lighter side (visually anyway), you can still have fun with color! From top to bottom above, these are: Serafina Loretta (from $41.97), Bongo B Fresh (from $55.97) and Covergirl CG0448 (from $69.97).

4. Heart-Shaped Face

Scarlet Johannson, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and Reese Witherspoon have heart-shaped faces.

The heart-shaped face is one of the most dramatic. Picture Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Love-Hewitt — narrow, pointed chins and wide foreheads are the defining features here. Other famous heart-shaped women are Scarlett Johannson, Zoey Deschanel and Taylor Swift.

three eyeglass frames for heart-shaped faces

Wide oval frames add a nice balance to the heart-shaped face, by making the chin look broader. One of these cute options should do the trick! From top to bottom above, these are: Serafina Marisa (from $41.97), Invincilites Zeta D (from $48.97) and Rampage R 189T  (from $69.97).

5. Diamond-Shaped Face

Elizabeth Hurley, Vanessa Hudgens and Kourtney Kardashian have diamond-shaped faces.

Elizabeth Hurley, Kourtney Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens have the diamond shape, which is defined by dominant cheekbones, plus a narrow jawline and forehead. This shape is similar to the heart, just without the wider forehead.

collection of eyeglass frames for diamond-shaped faces

A diamond shape is versatile — you can wear almost any frame, but there are some styles that will give you an overly angular look. Try curved and rimless options, which show off your natural proportions. From top to bottom above, these are: Savvy 371 (from $39), Covergirl CG0533 (from $69.97) and O by Oscar De La Renta OSL510 (from $99).

6. Oblong Face

Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker and HIllary Swank have oblong faces.

Liv Tyler, Teri Hatcher, Hillary Swank and Sarah Jessica Parker have distinctively oblong faces. With this shape, the face length is the focus. You can hit the wrong note by wearing delicate, angular frames that make your oblong face look longer than it really is. That’s the bad news. And the good news? You can wear have a lot of fun with your frame choice, because big, bold frames generally look amazing on you.

three eyeglass frames suitable for oblong faces

My top frame picks from’s oblong face collection are (from top to bottom above): Baby Phat B0252 (from $20.30), Rampage R 195 (from $62.97) and Marilyn Monroe MMO 149 (from $79.95).

Are you ready to go buy some eyeglass frames? Let us know in the comments!


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