Designer Laptop Covers and Bags For Under $50

An awesome laptop cover or laptop bag is the perfect gift for that “hard-to-shop-for” person because a) most people have a laptop and b) those that have a laptop need to a cover/bag to protect it (carrying it in your purse without protection is not cool). We scoured the web to find stylish (and designer) laptop covers and bags that make great gifts (and cost under $50).

Laptop Covers

1. Glamour Laptop Cover, $13.80 at

The shiny foil detail of this metallic laptop cover adds a bit of bling to your laptop without taking too much from your wallet (cause we need as much bling as we can get).

2. Hello Kitty 13 inch Neoprene Sleeve, $45.00 at

Look, we know you like your Hello Kitty and we ain’t hating on that. But if you’re going to go there at least do it in moderation — this Hello Kitty laptop bag, $45 at Sanrio, is great way to do it without looking like an overgrown Harajuku girl (only Gwen Stefani can get away with that).

Laptop Covers

3. Cooperative Trump L’Oeil Laptop Case, $28.00 on Urban Outfitters

Remember the days when you carried a “notebook” instead of a “netbook”? Neither do we. We’ve heard, however, that back in the day folks had to actually write with a thing called a “pen” in a “notebook” that looked very much like this laptop case from Cooperative.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs 15 inch Laptop Cover, $48 at Neiman Marcus

Leave it to our boy Marc to create a laptop cover that is both functional and stylish; these chic covers come in hot pink, neon blue, and lavender.

Laptop bags

5. Bloomingdales Laptop Case, $32.00 at

Love Bloomingdales? Then you’ll want to scope up this coated canvas laptop bag, a play off the department store’s iconic shopping bag.

6. Harajuku Lovers Laptop Case, $48 at

This is perfect for the Harajuku lovin’ teen in your life — you’re welcome.

7. Total Splurge – Juicy Couture Wool Embellished Laptop Cover, $98.00 at Bloomingdales

This gray wool bag with bow embellishments is the perfect splurge gift for the die-hard fashionista. Bonus: this bag is guaranteed to be a major conversation starter at the local Starbucks.