Designer Handbags Are Getting Cheap(er)

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What: Of all the cheapish accessories to choose from during this Great Recession, handbags are probably our favorite. And it looks like even the most high-end of them may be in our price range soon. Because designer brands like Coach are starting to discount their current collections and offer up lower-priced bags.

What the Cut Says:

Handbag prices are dropping as many accessories labels struggle for business. Brands like Coach, Kooba, Botkier, and more have released new styles at a lower price point to appease demand.

What We Say: This is wonderful news after hearing about how the luxury fashion market might make a comeback. We’re not naive enough to think we’ll suddenly be able to splurge on every designer bag under the sun, but as long as prices stay the same or go down, we can look forward to more Recessionista-worthy savings.

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  • BB

    If they were more affordable, there would be less fakes…but the fakes would move onto another brand and these wouldn’t be as coveted. What makes them status symbols is their price, if everyone could afford one, they’d be no more special than a bag from Target. I doubt the prices will come down that far. I myself hate logo bags with a passion but am saving for a leather Coach bag which I plan to use for years and years…a fashion investment!

  • Tiffany S.

    If they were a little more afforadable, there would be less fakes.

  • Sarah

    Handbags and shoes went up during the boom time way more than inflation or anything else(except desigener jeans and real estate). I saw a pair of new Prada sandles two years ago priced at almost $600. These were casual weekend sunny weather only shoes. I have also seen bags priced at $5K two years ago. This is the price of a used car, not a handbag. I believe that handbags are experiencing price corrections, not perhaps a deal. There is no way poorly made Nine West shoud be priced at more than $25 per bag. Furla should be under $300.

  • Ms.Kiki

    I too am all for the discount and deals, but if brands such as Gucci, LV, Prada, etc drop their prices to “more affordable” than there would be no exclusivity or craving for them. There’s nothing better than seeing that gorgeous Gucci Cruise or Spring/Summer collection and biting your finger nails to figure out how in the world you are gonna get at least 3 bags and w/matching shoes, sunglasses, scarf, etc without the hubby going through the roof, but surely calming down once he sees the the belt, wallet, hat, tie you picked up for him (tell me I’m not the only one here), lol!! I say leave the higher end brands alone, either you spend for the brand or remain an admirer.

  • I love Coach because of many of the designers, they’re more reasonably priced that some others & they just look great so I’m excited to learn that they may be priced a little more in the mainstream. The big question is are they going to skimp on the quality once they start bringing the prices down.