Designer Handbags Are Getting Cheap(er)

What: Of all the cheapish accessories to choose from during this Great Recession, handbags are probably our favorite. And it looks like even the most high-end of them may be in our price range soon. Because designer brands like Coach are starting to discount their current collections and offer up lower-priced bags.

What the Cut Says:

Handbag prices are dropping as many accessories labels struggle for business. Brands like Coach, Kooba, Botkier, and more have released new styles at a lower price point to appease demand.

What We Say: This is wonderful news after hearing about how the luxury fashion market might make a comeback. We’re not naive enough to think we’ll suddenly be able to splurge on every designer bag under the sun, but as long as prices stay the same or go down, we can look forward to more Recessionista-worthy savings.


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