Denim Style Guide: Buying Tips for Women Over 50

lower leg of woman clad in denim

Every woman has at least one pair. Jeans are considered a stylish wardrobe staple and a highly versatile garment. One of the best things about denim jeans is that they aren’t limited to a single age group.

Women of all ages can sport jeans with confidence, but not all women know what style of jeans is suitable for their age, lifestyle, and body type. Show off your best over-50 figure with these jean-buying tips.

Know Your Body

brunette wearing jeans against white backdrop

According to a recent study commissioned by retailer JD Williams, 53% of women over age 50 reported to having difficulty finding clothing that suits them. Knowing the shape of your body and your problem areas can help you narrow down styles that best complement your figure. For example, if your problem area is your stocky thighs, then skip the skinny jeans.

Appreciate High-Rise

High-rise jeans are making a comeback in the fashion industry among women of all ages, but they can be extra beneficial to women over 50. Why? Because high-rise jeans camouflage midsection bulges comfortably, creating a slimming silhouette.

Avoid low-rise jeans that can create unsightly muffin tops. Want something in the middle? Medium-rise fit jeans, such as Not Your Daughters Jeans, are also a popular choice.

Darker is Better

Dark denim certainly has its perks, especially when it comes to making the legs and thighs appear slimmer. They also have a dressier, classier look.

You can still go casual though. Just stick with basic mid-rise boot-cut jeans with a bit of stretch in the fabric for comfort. Boot-cut jeans are best paired with boots or sneakers. If you prefer to wear footwear such as ballet flats, kitten heels, or loafers, opt for straight-leg jeans.

Stay out of the Juniors Section

Many styles of jeans are targeted towards teens and favor of-the-moment trends, such as ripped denim, washed out fabrics, and rhinestones and other detailing. Avoid these.

Let the kids rock the bling. Stick with solid colored jeans and spice up the rest of your ensemble with stylish accessories. Opt for classy over trendy.

Pair with Tunics

Consider pairing your jeans with tunics and longer tops. Shorter tops can make your torso appear out of proportion. Lengthier tops are generally more flattering, especially when paired with boot-cut or straight-leg jeans. To give your figure extra curves, wrap a belt around the smallest part of your waist to give the tunic or long shirt some dimension and to enhance your sexy, feminine curves.

We know it can be challenging to find great-fitting, age-appropriate jeans over age 50. But don’t let the challenge force you to give up the comfort, look and sex-appeal of denim. Be patient, try on lots of options, and opt for classy, conservative cuts. You can look amazing in denim at any age!