Yea or Nay: Denim Skirtall $25.00 at

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Hey, Old Navy,

I know that your parent company, Gap Inc., is struggling a bit financially, but that’s NO excuse to let kindergarteners design pieces for your stores. Skirtalls? Come on now. The last time I wore one of these I was still writing letters to Santa.

Now, I’m not saying that all skirtalls are bad. The teen shop dELiA*s has a cord version that would look adorable on a 13 year old. I suppose even this version (available in misses and plus sizes) could look half way decent over a black turtleneck and black tights. But there’s something about a Skirtall on a 25 year+ woman that just doesn’t seem right to me. I could be wrong, so I posed this question to you dear readers…..

Old Navy Skirtall? Yea or Nay?

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  • Kokotron

    I say Yay, and that is because I look horrible in shorts. Lol, my knocky knees and vivacious thighs eats shorts for breakfast.

  • Nakia

    I totally disagree with all the comments….I think that this can be hot if the wearer rocks it right….I would totally wear this with a plaid shirt (with blues and white in it not lumber jack plaid)/ blue blazer with gold buttons/thin ankle socks and a bad azzzzzz gold pair of heels!

  • Dara

    I say yea to the skirtall but nay to this one. Even when I was little I never remember any of my classmates wearing a skirtall and when I was 15 and heard of them for the first time I really wanted one, but I’m guessing from the profuse screaming of “THIS IS FOR FIVE-YEAR-OLDS!” that’s it’s not supposed to be geared toward adults. I really think the skirtall could make a comeback for teens in the form of a miniskirtall. The one posted here is just bleh. Where’s the cuteness? It’s so plain. It does make me think of something an elementary school teacher would wear.

  • kari

    Yay for a skirtall but nay for this one.  Lacks stylishness.  I wear denim shortalls and skirtalls and am 23 years old but this would look bad on anyone.

  • Id so wear this with knee high boots

  • Suz

    I actuaally voted YAY and own this…It looks ultra cute with an ivory 3/4 sleeve top underneath with knee-high bronze riding boots and my bronze-ish looking chloe paddington…w/ a leopard knit scarf….When worn once I recieved 16 compliments…Although I had to get the straps hemmed…I love this little jumper…

  • Carolyn

    This is painfully unattractive.  Would make a cute 13-year old look dowdy.

  • Nancy

    Oh good Lord NO!!!  I hope Old Navy fires the designers who came up with that monstrosity.  They need to take a clue from their own tag line and get their FASH-ON!!

  • Ginger

    Oh, hell nay. 🙂

  • i had a skirtall, and i loved it.  i’d wear it with different colored turtlenecks and tights and keds.  i wished i could wear it everyday.

    i was also seven.

    i saw this the other day at old navy, and practically cried.

  • Awful. Atrocious. Right up there with the belted jumpsuit from several seasons back.

  • Law

    Ewww…. that’s a big old NO on the skirtall.  They think that it will be bought just because they put them on the shelves. 

    This is why I hate the Gap.

  • Hell NAY!  WHAT WAS OLD NAVY THINKING?  I guess these types of designs are why their 4 quarter profits are in the toilet!

  • Belinda

    In the words of my favorite deejay Wendy Williams, YOU COULD PUT THAT WHERE, BACK THERE!  I say nay!

  • I say NAY you fool! Why? Why subject women to this? It is hard enough finding clothes for the over 17-too old to be wearing clothes that are blinged out-too tight-too short-set. So why would one design such a frumpy outfit.  They should let ME design for the GAP, Inc.  I’ll make cute little outfits with teddy bears and butterflies on them!

  • Absolutel Nay! 

    Looks like something Paris and Nicole would wear on The Simple Life.

  • shirley

    nooooooooooooooo omg how can y ou even ask that

  • TBF

    I agree and when I saw it I was like what were they thinking… Maybe they were trying to do a denim version of the British jumper….

  • 1969

    Hideous. Who wants to dress like a three year old girl?

  • i would have to say NAY big NAY.  This would be wicked cute on my 12 yr old but even she would think its a bit too “little girl” but I have seen grown women in jumpers like this, usually a soccer mom type who just needed something to throw on.

  • coco

    This is wrong on so many levels.  Only a woman hater would design this..horrible.

  • Reesy

    This thread is hilarious!!!! Everyone has the same thought and I’m no different……

    I’m with Sandra…..Hell to the NO!!!

  • Kelly Shaw

    NAY!!!  I’m a teacher and we still giggle about some elementary teachers who think they are cool (we call them jumpers) with a holiday turtleneck and white tights.  Down to all skirtalls!  Let’s not back track our fashion sense when we’ve come this far.

  • Sandra

    Skirtalls: HELL to the NO!

  • Cathy

    Definitely a “no”! No skirtalls, overalls, or shortalls for adults. And no skorts either. I’m cringing at the thought.

  • Awful. Atrocious. Right up there with the belted jumpsuit from several seasons back.

  • Julie

    This is a way BIG NAY!! This item is Gross, why would they think a plus size woman would consider looking like a Umpa Lumpa.. and I am a plus size woman and this is just plan wrong…

  • insou2you

    NAY!!!! Nay all day!!!
    This is the sort of thing that a misguided elementary school teacher might pair up with a holiday themed sweater and run the risk of scarring her pupils for life with.
    The option shouldn’t even be available – in the wrong hands, this nightmare could actually become lethal.

  • eulalia

    Nay! Good grief, Old Navy. Please learn the distinction between children’s and women’s clothes.

  • Orora

    Oh dear god, NO! These things remind me of my second grade teacher, whom I adored, but who had little to no fashion sense.  Put the skirtall down and back away slowly.

  • Rachel

    NAY!!!! If you’re old enough to pick out your own clothes you should not wear things like that.

  • coree

    Ugh, trust your first instinct. Nay, nay, nay!

  • Absolutely NO WAY! Unless it’s part of a Halloween costume and you happen to be dressing up as a 5-year-old . . . .

  • Lisa

    I’ve left catholic school way behind, so nay to the shirtall.

  • jj

    Nay.  I try to avoid clothes that give me the figure of Ms. Potato Head.

  • BD

    I vote NAY.

    Also, why is it described as a strapless dress when it clearly has straps? A catalog writer messed up.

  • Jessica

    NAY! NAY! NAY! The skirtall DOES NOT compliment a women’s body at all! Whether you’re petite or plus size. Skitalls should not be made for adult women. They should be worn by little girls in pigtails only!!!!

  • Jo

    Nay – terrible look for a grown woman.

  • I vote a big NAY. I’m not sure what old navy is thinking.

  • I would say nay.  It’s more dowdy than anything.  It kind of look like a denim apron that escaped from the 80s.

  • maura

    NAY! Over the weekend my friend (2nd Grade Teacher) and I (Adult Reference Librarian) vowed never to wear skirtalls. We also never to wear sweaters with themes on them (like Christmas or Winter themes, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc). Yuck.