How to Make Every Room Pop with Awesome Decorative Pillows

Modern Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows:  who knew?  They’re an affordable way to freshen up the look of a room when we don’t feel like breaking out the paint (or cash.. or time) for a home decor overhaul.  They’re my go-to quick fix for adding instant charm.  From faux leather to florals, fun phrases or animal images – and in various shapes to boot – it’s amazing how they can make a room come alive.

Awesome Decorative Pillows for Every Room!

Gone are the days where decorative pillows are associated with basic and boring.  I’m wild about the endless choices and love how easily they give rooms a boost.  So, toss those neutral pillows that came with the sofa set and amp up the head-turning style in the living room, the bedroom, the home office.. (somehow we think this list can go on forever, and that’s a good thing).

Flower Power

Flowers don’t just look great in a vase.  They’re striking on a comfy pillow.  Whether it’s a large in-your-face bloom or subtle petals, these are a sure bet to pretty up any room.

Animal Lover

From wings and whiskers to trunks and tails, we think these decorative pillows are well, the cat’s meow.

Unforgettable Color & Texture

Move over solid hues and traditional fabrics.  Update that sofa or bed with the bold looks of brights, ruffles or faux leather pillows. Anything goes!

Fun & Funky

Heel addict that I am, I fell in love with a fun decorative pillow that makes the perfect statement for me (check out the images below to see what I’m talking about).  Seriously, there’s something for everyone.  Showcase your inner rock star or profess your interest in palm reading with these conversation-starters.

What decorative pillows will you be cozy-ing up to?

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