Daily Makeover Offers Fun Virtual Makeover Tool, Beauty Tips and News

Everyone loves a fully stocked resource: get everything you need, all at once!  Dailymakeover.com wants to be your “one-stop-shop” for everything beauty related: find beauty tips and tutorials, beauty related news, product reviews, a “makeover” community and tons of interactive virtual make-over content.  Their tagline, “Refresh, Reinvenet, Repeat!” and even the website’s name Daily Makeover, underscores how much they want users to come back over, and over, and over again… and often.  While they do have a lot of stuff, all of which is fun to browse through and frequently updated, Daily Makeover is not necessarily the best website for actual research.

The Makeover Studio: The virtual makeover tool is fairly new, and offers hundreds of different hairstyles, cosmetics and accessories to try on your uploaded photo.  Full access to thousands of choices, however, requires a rather pricey membership of $14.95 for three months.  Plenty of other websites offer free virtual makeover tools as well,  though many of them use dated technology and styles that are no longer on trend. (Taaz, InStyle, Beauty Riot, for example.) The Community Makeover section showcases the latest and most popular versions of user virtual makeovers.  Some of the most well received makeovers have nearly 11,000 views and 300 ratings.

The Celebrity Hairstyles: Dailymakeover.com is the brainchild of Rachel Hayes, former beauty editor of Cosmopolitan.  She’s big on hair! And it shows – the Celebrity Hairstyle section is huge.  Find hairstyles by event (Date Night Looks, Fashion Week styles,) mood (Emo,) and even face shape (Square Face Shape.)  And, of course, by celebrity (Ellen Degeneres): thousands of celebrity hairstyles are sorted alphabetically by name (for example, Victoria Prat), accompanied by a style description (“curly flurry”) and helpful key styling tips: “light application of styling spray” and “large hot rollers.”  Lastly, each hairstyle offers a “try it on now,” button; click it to instantly jump to the makeover studio program.

The Beauty Tips: Though there are hundreds of beauty styling tips (”How to Make Your Eyes Pop” and “Night Cream for Sensitive Skin” for example,) most are very short.  These articles really are just tips; not full tutorials.  Keep in mind: you can sort by views or overall rating and number of comments, as a shortcut to get to the most popular (and therefore often best) articles first.

The Product Reviews: The product reviews section is still growing.  Many other websites have older, more established and much larger databases with user generated product reviews.  (For example: Amazon, Drugstore.com, Makeupalley.com, Beauty Product Reviews.)

The Verdict: Sure, for browsing. Dailymakeover.com offers fun tools and loads of tips and new ideas for experimenting with your look. Fortunately, Dailymakeover.com is well organized and manages a tricky balance between professional and user generated content; there are enough staff created content that sounds authoritative and expert, while constant updates by users themselves provides endless pages of new stuff to look through.  On the flip side, Dailymakeover.com is still growing, and lacks full tutorials and a larger database of product reviews.


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