Daffy’s Clothing Store: Is It on the Way Out?

I just got an email from one of my favorite shopping clients wondering if Daffy’s, the East Coast off price retailer that sells all those MaxMara and Marina Rinaldi cast-offs for less than $40 bucks, was closing.

Since the store is one of the best places to buy quality underwear, and as you know undergarments is my current clothing obsession, I called my contact at Daffy’s headquarters in Seacaucus, NJ to find out the scoop. Apparently, the company has closed two stores, the one on 18th street in Manhattan, and one in Virginia.  While I’m happy the store isn’t clothing, it definitely needs to rethink it’s stocking strategy. Go into any Daffy’s, at any given moment, and about 90% of the store is junk—damaged, dirty, and just plain out of style. Yep, it’s $4.95, but it has a huge run, dirt stain, etc. down the front. Plus you have the H&Ms, Loehmanns, and Targets of the world, who do inexpensive fashion much better. Nonetheless, I need underwear, so I’m glad Daffy’s is still around.


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